Why Foober?

Foober is an Australian local business delivering delicious fresh meals to your door.

At foober we know that the best way to stick to something is when you love doing it. We also know that there is little to love in life more than a great tasting meal. So we thought, lets make some awesome tasting, fresh, healthy meals (there is such a thing) and share the taste with the rest of Australia. 


So here it is, we cook delicious meals, you enjoy the great taste. Plus, while you enjoy that taste, you are also working your way to an awesome body. How good is that! eat your way to an awesome body with delicious meals.


Our absolutely delicious meals, which are made using super foods, always see our customers coming back for more. We prepare our dishes for great taste so that our customers can enjoy their favorite meals.


Furthermore, the super foods incorporated in our meals are of great benefit to those who consume the foods. For instance, they are rich in essential nutrients that the body needs for growth and protection. We have a range of menus, including paleo dishes, for our customers to choose from.


We can customize the available menus to fit your unique needs for a delicious meal plan of your own liking.


All our fresh home delivered meals are prepared with weight loss in mind. We do not want the fear of gaining weight to stop you from enjoying your favorite dishes. This is the reason we work with fitness professionals to help design healthy yet delicious meals. Our team of professional cooks also ensures that meals are prepared at their best.


Depending on your goals, we have a range of delicious healthy meals to select from. We also cater to different dietary needs. The first thing we cater for is the great tasting food diet! But for those who have a few restrictions we have dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and paleo meals.


All you have to do, is fill out the questionnaire (or create your own plan), make payment and wait for your home delivered meals. On our end, we cook your meals (with love), package it and deliver to your provided address.


The next time you need a delicious meal, want to heighten your weight loss efforts, or just do not have the time to prepare something for your family, give Foober a shot. You will not be disappointed.

 How it works (Payment process):

Placing your order is very simple. Either select the meals you want straight from the menu into your cart or if you have a specific goal in mind and need some advice, you can get a meal plan by selecting your favourite meals and completing the questionnaire. 

This will take you to enter your delivery details, then finally your payment details. 

Get started by feeding your eyes on our delicious menu.


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