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How is Foober different to other fat loss meals and muscle meal companies?

Foober is a fresh meal delivery service specialising in superfood gourmet meals. This results in incredible tasting meals which are much higher in nutrients. Our meals are created by fitness and cooking professionals so you dont have to think, prepare or cook in order to eat well and be in amazing shape.
What if I have specific dietary needs?

Foober meals are made to suit most dietary specific needs. Firstly, all our meals promote fat loss and muscle gain. So the more meals, the more results, and they taste great - so it's extremely easy to get in shape. We also cater for eating requirements such as gluten free, dairy free and different lifestyle plans such as paleo. On our menu page you will find images associated with each meal that point out which meals cater for each dietary need.
How do I get my meals?

All our meals are delivered weekly and are made fresh - never frozen. This maintains high flavour, losing no nutrients. Your meals will come in an esky box with ice. When you receive your meals, place the meals in the fridge. They will hold in your fridge until the following week unless otherwise stated on the container with a use by date. You can also choose to freeze your meals if you wish to keep them for a much later date.
How do I heat my meals?

Some meals require heating and some meals may even be eaten cold which makes it convenient for those who don't have heating mechanisms at work. For meals which require heating, you can either heat it with a microwave or a stove. Most of our members choose to heat their meals using a stove.
Should I select meals 'a la carte' or get a custom meal plan?

All our meals are made with high quality healthy ingredients and taste delicious. So you can select your favourite meals from our 'a la carte' shop according to your liking and rest assured that you will be eating healthy. Alternatively, if you have a specific goal in mind and would like us to recommend the best meals to achieve your goal, then go for the meal plan option.
When are the delivery days?

The delivery days differ according to your own location. When you place your order you will be given the delivery day depending on the location. If there is an issue with the delivery day, you can contact us on [email protected] and one of our team will help you to arrive to a solution.
What if I live in a unit or secure complex?

If you live at a complex where our delivery team can not get access to your door (if you are not home to open), then arrangements will need to be made to allow your package to be delivered. You can give an access code or a key to your complex which will be returned after access is no longer needed. If there is no answer and no prior arrangements, the meal box will be placed at the entrance to your complex.
What do I do with my esky?

When your meals are delivered they will arrive in an esky to keep the meals fresh. When receiving your meals, instantly place your meals in the refrigerator. Keep your esky in good condition and leave it out for the delivery driver on your next delivery day.
What do I do with the dry ice?

Some deliveries may contain dry ice depending on your delivery location. Do not handle dry ice with your bare hands. Dry ice will burn your hands. Keep the dry ice in the bag it is stored in and move the bag to a well ventilated area (preferably outdoors) for the dry ice to evaporate. Do not leave the dry ice to evaporate in a confined area as it can restrict oxygen in small places.
Are the meals frozen?

No. Our meals are all fresh and have been sealed by a Modified Atmospheric packaging sealer. This means the meals can be kept in the fridge without the need of adding any preservatives. So you get delicious, unfrozen preservative free fresh meals.

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